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 > Yet another alternative is some package like AE or ZE that hacks
 > together accented characters using virtual fonts -- but then you
 > can't do text search or copy and paste properly from the PDF file.

. Could you elaborate on that?

. I've made a doc with ae and I can do a decent job of cut and paste,
. except umlauted characters come out like "¨ o".  Is this what you were
. referring to, or is it even worse in older versions of Acrobat?

No, that is exactly it.   Accented characters are made by combining
base and accent when using these packages.  This means you can't
do a search on a word that contains an accented character, and when
you "cut and paste" a word containing an accented character you will
get multiple letters (in an extreme cases it will also screw up Acrobat
Readers clever method for detecting where word boundaries are).

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