Marked content in PDF (was Re: [pdftex] Re: What's new with Acrobat 5.0)

Petr Sojka sojka at
Thu Apr 12 14:26:26 CEST 2001

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 09:21:49AM +0200, Hans Hagen wrote:

> >One thing I didn't see mentioned is "Tagged PDF".  I first found this
> >mentioned at,
> >to allow reflow when breaking it down for their Palm "Acrobat"
> >reader.  I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else, but it would be
> >useful for TeX/LaTeX to produce such files....
> >
> >Does anyone know more about this?
> page 93-142 of the diff between 1.3 / 1.4 doc describes it; tagging was
> already possible in 1.3 (marked content) but since there were no apps using
> it i never moved the experimental stuff i wrote into context. I'm still not
> sure about marked pdf, because it's kind of html. 
Shouldn't pdfTeX be the first one app that allows generation
of marked content in PDF? Try e.g.
(as I did the evening before Thanh's defense to check
whether Knuth really started to use term total fit
instead of optimum fit for TeX's line breaking algorithm).
Yes, search engines _do_ index PDF files, and they evaluated
document relevance from it.

I think that it is only matter of time when
good search engines like google will benefit from
the content markup (as they currently do for html,
see e.g. 
for computation of document relevance. It is information 
provider/author motivation to provide it. And as in properly 
written TeX files the information is already there, so 
why not to use it?


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