[pdftex] "\frontmatter" and page-numbering.

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Apr 10 10:47:24 CEST 2001

At 06:28 PM 4/9/01 +0200, Michael Chapman wrote:
>I had always considered in a "feature" of Acroread that page numbers in the 
>bottom-line box were usually out of sync. with the document. I.e. the
>strictly numbered from "1" and allowed for no title pages or front matter.

for some undocumented reason internally the page number starts at 0 [which
is kind of strange from the perspective of documents]. 

>However I see from Adobe's  PDF14Deltas.pdf (one of Donald Story's recent 
>references) that it is possible to have "i, ii, ii, . . . viii, 1, 2 . . . 
>230" or whatever.  (The file doesn't _say_ you can do it (or how) it is just 
>a practical example of it being done.)

that was already a 1.3 feature, unfortunately not a page attribute but a
datastructure to be build and added to the catalog 

>Using \frontmatter and \mainmatter (in "book"} on LaTex achieves this for 
>printed numbers but not for the Acroread bottom line.
>Is there something I can do to my file . .  if not can I add this to 
>the pdftex Users' Wish List?
this has nothing to do with pdftex, and can be implemented using macro.
[actually i did but rejected it because sometimes docs have multiple parts
with same number ranges which is confusing, although there is a kind of
prefixing too, but mapping all the typeset things onto simple pdf string
sis not always funny]


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