[pdftex] problems with embedded pdf-pictures

Ulrich Dirr ud at art-satz.de
Tue Apr 10 08:55:58 CEST 2001


To be sure my pictures have the correct colours and colour type I'm
using the EyeDropper plug-in from EnFocus (PitStop).

The duotone PhotoShop pictures (black and magenta) were saved as PDF
files and then included into the document using graphicx.

When I'm controlling the colours I got all colour information except
for the pictures!

I contacted the support from EnFocus to help me and they've sent me
the following two email which might be useful:

> The images are inside a form.  There are different
> types of forms.  If the image contained OPI
> information, it would also be located in a form, but
> this would be solvable with PitStop. Delete OPI would
> enable Eyedropper to measure these images.
> In this case the form coming from Unix, so PitStop
> can't solve this.  So Eyedropper doesn't recognize the
> image which is surrounded by the form.  But the problem
> isn't caused by the duotone.
> I logged this on our wishlist, as I think that
> Eyedropper should at least tell you that this is a
> form.

> The best way for PDFTex would be to generate the PDF
> without the use of Forms.  I don't know how PDFTex
> generates it's PDF, so I can't give you the exact
> details to prohibit this.
> These form objects are often not interpreted in
> applications such as our Eyedropper plug-in.  The image
> is located one level lower as a regular image.  Because
> of a problem in Acrobat, Eyedropper can't go trough
> this layer to measure the colors.  This will probably
> be fixed in the next version of Acrobat.

So now I'm wondering how to solve this problem?

Ulrich Dirr

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