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Donald Story story at uakron.edu
Mon Apr 9 11:08:49 CEST 2001

On 9 Apr 2001, at 15:29, Hans Hagen wrote:

> Well, for bookmarks to be really usefull, they should be capable of using any
> font [like forms seem to do now] and even better, to support typeset entries,
> like xforms so that for instance formulas can be shown. As long as only half
> of the functionality is there i consider them to be jokes you can add to make
> a doc a bit more interesting. 

I agree with the desirability to typeset entries with any font and even for 
typeset entries; however, I don't believe there are any future plans for
expanding the current bookmark feature list.

The color feature can be more than cosmetic.  One can color code the entries: 
Black (or some other color) for a jump within the current document; brown
(or something) for a jump to another document.  Red (or something) for a entry
that performs some action (for example JavaScript).
> Concerning feature requests of users: this is a different matter and out of
> the control of users anyway, since mostly commercially driven, which is okay
> for a commercial app.  
> Hans


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