[pdftex] output conversion

Han The Thanh thanh at informatics.muni.cz
Fri Apr 6 12:11:15 CEST 2001

> Assume the situation that my service bureau can't output my PDF files
> and ask for PostScript files.
> What is the best and recommended procedure:
> a) using Acrobat export options,
> b) using \pdfoutput=0 and some DVItoPS postprocessor?
> What comes immediately to my mind are the following concerns.
> What informations will I loose (conversion is conversion) or what
> should I beware of?
> Especially I'm wondering what a postprocessor and even Acrobat itself
> (when exporting PS) might think about the expanded fonts that are used
> (\pdffontexpand 30 5 1000) and how it will handle these fonts (e.g.
> embedding).
> And may be there're other concerns?!

I use Acrobat Reader to convert pdf files to ps for printing.
Sometimes it's better to use pdftops, but unfortunately it cannot handle
type3 (bitmap) and truetype fonts yet, so it's prefered when you have type1
fonts only.

Another possibility is to use gs to print pdf directly (or to PXL and the


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