[pdftex] Computer Modern Fonts

Daniel Garcia danitous at yahoo.es
Mon Apr 2 12:44:10 CEST 2001

I rewrite this e-mail because I forgot to write the
subject in the other e-mail.

Maybe someone has asked this beforewards, but I
couldn't find the answer. I was taking a look at the
web just to see the prices of ec type1 fonts and I
found in

The font pack includes 652 fonts: 325 in T1 TeX
Encoding (EC fonts ) and 237 in TS1 TeX Encoding (TC
fonts ). The fonts are optimized for
embedding into PDF. The main feature is that flexes
are replaced with stright lines. This feature reduces
font size and look good enought both on
display and on medium resulution printers. 

When I read this it came to my mind if the quality of
the cm type1 fonts (public ones) is the same as the
quality of the mf equivalents. I know that this fonts
are made with metapost but with man's intervention,
does it mean that the shapes are not exactly the
same?, Why can not we use directly the output of

Once I heard that the ec fonts are better than the cm
ones , not just because of the hypenation and that the
accents are included, something about ¿kerning?, Is
that right.

Thank you

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