[pdftex] Problems with recent versions -- suggestion for downgrade?

Sebastian Marius Kirsch skirsch at moebius.inka.de
Fri Dec 15 21:59:55 CET 2000


I recently installed the latest pdfTeX version I could find (20001113),
and I'm having trouble with a document I'm writing at the moment. 60
pages, lots of math, but only one graphic -- shouldn't be a problem, but
pdfTeX segfaults on page 58. (I was able to pinpoint the exact paragraph
where it segfaulted -- comment the rest out, and it ran, but add one
more word, and it segfaulted again.)

I then downgraded to 20000912, but had similar problems -- either pool
size problems or segfaults (alternating between LaTeX runs. It's true!)

I reinstalled 0.13d from my distribution just now, until I can
investigate further. (Which I probably can't soon, since I have *very*
little time at the moment.) Has anyone experienced similar problems?

Is there any particular version you'd suggest as a stable foundation for
an upgrade?

Yours, Sebastian Kirsch <skirsch at moebius.inka.de>

MCSE: Minesweeper Consultant and Solitaire Expert

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