[pdftex] Re: my thesis

Han The Thanh thanh at informatics.muni.cz
Tue Dec 12 19:39:53 CET 2000


thanks for congratulations from Richardo and many other people in this

> I have a some (cosmetic) comments about your text that do not
> affect the contents, only to improve its appearance:
> 1 - Why don't you use Type1 versions of cmr fonts in for the
>     samples ? Using Type3 fonts make them to render poorly on
>     the screen. Using Type1 versions would improove the screen
>     appearance without modifying its contents.

the bitmaps are used because I cannot convert an expanded mf font to type1
on-the-fly. I might be possible one day, but at the moment not possible

> 2 - Outsiders like me would acknowledge to see the reproduction
>     of one page of the Mazarine Bible to appreciate the good
>     typography practices that you comment in the text. I would
>     suggest that you include a slide with a page of that Bible
>     during the disertation presentation.
> 3 - Why don't you add hyperlinks to the URL's in the reference
>     section ? Again the screen version would benefit without
>     changing anything in the text version.
> 4 - Why don't you add a URL to references 38 and 39, that is,
>     to your own work !

yes it would be better to do so, but the thesis has been submitted and I
won't change it anymore.  The pdf file is intended for printing, so I
didn't make any hyperlink in it.

> Althought my opinion bout the contents of your thesis is of
> little interest, given that I am not a specialist at all,
> I have the feeling that your thesis brings a substantial
> improvement to computer typesetting.
> BTW, when is your disertation presentation to take place ?
> And in which language ?
> I am one of your pdftex supporters from the earliest times
> the project was made public through the pdftex-list. Are you
> going to continue with it ?
> My congratulations again, that should be extended to your
> thesis advisor.

I don't know the datum of the final exam yet, probably in 3--4 months. It
will probably be in czech.

Most recently I got some more info about the hz program and the tools it
used. I hope to do some more experiments to see whether it is possible to
make further improvements. I am quite skeptic with it, but it certainly
makes sense to play with it, at least to convince myself that I should try
something else.


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