[pdftex] Re: screen versions

Thierry Bouche Thierry.Bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr
Fri Dec 1 09:05:40 CET 2000

» >You may consider dual res figures [see supp-pdf.tex and search for
» >\pdfimages, plural]. That way you get a low res on the screen and the high
» >res is only used for printing. Both are in the file, but only the low res
» >are send when viewing. 

do you mean that, when in a browser I open pages, only the screen
images are downloaded? But I suppose that if the user dowloads the
PDF, he will have 12 Mb anyway, no?

» This is also supported by pdftex.def since the last
» TUG conference at Oxford :-)

Anyaway, my pb is how do i get both versions of the images, being sure
that they have the very same geometry?

(i made a test yesterday by converting JPEG to EPS with imagemagick,
then distilling the EPS with screen parameters. The result is
qualitatively and quantitavely correct, but once included, most of the
images changes their sizes! especially small images yield something
lost in a white ucropped page...) 

Thierry Bouche
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