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Date:     2020-03-02 03:14:55 +0100 (Mon, 02 Mar 2020)
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\input{...} and other 1.40.21 (TL20) updates

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@@ -1,3 +1,9 @@
+2020-03-01  Karl Berry  <karl at freefriends.org>
+	* pdftex-t.tex (\input): new entry for \input{...}.
+	(History): describe current situation better.
+	Remove teTeX references. Use https.
 2019-12-25  Karl Berry  <karl at freefriends.org>
 	* pdftex-t.tex (\pdfmdfivesum): explain the non-file (string) form too.

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@@ -53,8 +53,10 @@
 	wc -l pdftex-w.txt  # set titlepagelines=half of this
 # PDF for the title page.
-pdftex-w.pdf: pdftex-w.tex
-	pdftex $<
+pdftex_binary = ../../source/build-pdftex/texk/web2c/pdftex
+pdftex-w.pdf: pdftex-w.tex Makefile
+	TEXFONTS=/usr/local/texlive/dev/texmf-dist/fonts// \
+	$(pdftex_binary) -ini '\nonstopmode\input $<'
 # Too annoying to remake help text every time; check by hand when needed.

Modified: branches/stable/doc/manual/pdftex-t.tex
--- branches/stable/doc/manual/pdftex-t.tex	2020-02-18 19:11:23 UTC (rev 820)
+++ branches/stable/doc/manual/pdftex-t.tex	2020-03-02 02:14:55 UTC (rev 821)
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
 \svnscan $Id$
@@ -99,7 +99,6 @@
 \abbreviation [RGB]        {rgb}        {Red Green Blue color specification}
 \abbreviation [TCX]        {tcx}        {\TEX\ Character Translation}
 \abbreviation [TDS]        {tds}        {\TEX\ Directory Standard}
-\abbreviation [TETEX]      {te\TeX}     {\TEX\ distribution for \UNIX\ (based on \WEBC)}
 \abbreviation [TEXEXEC]    {\TeX exec}  {\CONTEXT\ command line interface}
 \abbreviation [TEXINFO]    {Texinfo}    {generate typeset documentation from info pages}
 \abbreviation [TEXUTIL]    {\TeX util}  {\CONTEXT\ utility tool}
@@ -113,7 +112,6 @@
 \abbreviation [WEBC]       {Web2c}      {official multi||platform \WEB\ environment}
 \abbreviation [WEB]        {web}        {literate programming environment}
 \abbreviation [WIN]        {Windows}    {Microsoft Windows platform}
-\abbreviation [XEMTEX]     {XEm\TeX}    {\WIN\ \WEBC\ distribution}
 \abbreviation [ZIP]        {zip}        {compressed file format}
 %D It makes sense to predefine the name of the author of \PDFTEX, doesn't it?
@@ -124,23 +122,24 @@
 %D appearance of the \TEX\ source, \URL's are defined here.
 \useURL [ptex_org]      [http://www.pdftex.org] % links to ptex_examples
-\useURL [ptex_ctan]     [http://ctan.org/pkg/pdftex]
+\useURL [ptex_ctan]     [https://ctan.org/pkg/pdftex]
 \useURL [ptex_devel]    [http://foundry.supelec.fr/projects/pdftex]
 % where bug reports should go:
 \useURL [ptex_bugs]     [mailto:pdftex at tug.org] [] [pdftex at tug.org]
-\useURL [ptex_listinfo] [http://lists.tug.org/pdftex]
+\useURL [ptex_listinfo] [https://lists.tug.org/pdftex]
-\useURL [kpathsea]      [http://tug.org/kpathsea]
-\useURL [texlive]       [http://tug.org/texlive]
-\useURL [web2c]         [http://tug.org/web2c]
+\useURL [etex_ctan]     [https://ctan.org/pkg/etex]
+\useURL [kpathsea]      [https://tug.org/kpathsea]
+\useURL [texlive]       [https://tug.org/texlive]
+\useURL [web2c]         [https://tug.org/web2c]
 \useURL [ctan_systems]  [http://mirror.ctan.org/systems]
 \useURL [win32]         [http://mirror.ctan.org/systems/win32]
 \useURL [context]       [http://www.pragma-ade.com]
-\useURL [tex_showcase]  [http://tug.org/texshowcase]
+\useURL [tex_showcase]  [https://tug.org/texshowcase]
-\useURL [pdfreference] [http://www.adobe.com/devnet/pdf/pdf_reference.html]
-\useURL [thanh_truetype_tub] [http://tug.org/TUGboat/tb30-1/tb94thanh.pdf]
+\useURL [pdfreference] [https://www.adobe.com/devnet/pdf/pdf_reference.html]
+\useURL [thanh_truetype_tub] [https://tug.org/TUGboat/tb30-1/tb94thanh.pdf]
 \useURL [jbig2enc]           [https://github.com/agl/jbig2enc]
 %D The primitive definitions are specified a bit fuzzy using the next set of
@@ -654,20 +653,24 @@
 actively maintained, with new features trickling in. Great care is taken
 to keep new \PDFTEX\ versions backward compatible with earlier ones.
-For some years there has been a \quote {conservative} successor to \TEX\
-available, called \ETEX. Because mainstream macro packages such as
-\LATEX\ have started supporting this welcome extension, the \ETEX\
-functionality has also been integrated into the \PDFTEX\ code. For a
-while (\TEXLIVE~2004 and~2005) \PDFTEX\ therefore came in two flavours:
-the \ETEX\ enabled \PDFETEX\ engine and the standard one, \PDFTEX. The
-ability to produce both \PDF\ and \DVI\ output made \PDFETEX\ the
-primary \TEX\ engine in these distributions. Since \PDFTEX\ version 1.40
-now the \ETEX\ extensions are part already of the \PDFTEX\ engine, so
-there is no longer any need to ship \PDFETEX. The \ETEX\ functionality
-of \PDFTEX\ can be disabled if not required. Other extensions are
-\MLTEX\ and \ENCTEX; these are also included in the current \PDFTEX\
+A \quote {conservative} successor to \TEX, named \ETEX, was developed
+in the 1990s. Since \PDFTEX\ version 1.40, the \ETEX\ extensions are
+always part of the \PDFTEX\ engine, so \type{pdfetex} is now simply a
+link to \type{pdftex}; they have identical behavior. For documentation
+on the \ETEX\ extensions, see \from[etex_ctan].
+Furthermore, \PDFTEX\ itself has acquired plenty of extensions over the
+years which are not related specifically to \PDF\ output, generally new
+primitives for various features that are inconvenient or impossible to
+implement at the \TEX\ level. Many of these extensions have been adopted
+across all engines (not necessarily by the same name), and some are or
+will be required by \LATEX. Therefore, \type{etex} is also a link to
+\type{pdftex}, the difference being only whether \DVI\ or \PDF\ output
+is generated by default.
+Other extensions are \MLTEX\ and \ENCTEX; these are also included in the
+current \PDFTEX\ code, although are little used for new documents.
 \PDFTEX\ is maintained by \THANH\ and others. The
 \PDFTEX\ homepage is \from [ptex_org]. Please send \PDFTEX\ comments and
 bug reports to the mailing list \from [ptex_bugs] (\from [ptex_listinfo]).
@@ -682,7 +685,7 @@
 Copies in \PDF\ format can also be found on \CTAN\ via \from[ptex_ctan].
 Thanks to the many people who have contributed to the manual.
-New errors might have slipped in afterwards by the editor.
+Improvements are always possible, and bugs not unlikely.
 Please send questions or suggestions by email to \from[ptex_bugs].
@@ -689,7 +692,7 @@
 \subsection{Legal Notice}
-Copyright \copyright\ 1996||2019  \THANH.
+Copyright \copyright\ 1996||2020  \THANH.
 Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
 under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2
 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
@@ -832,7 +835,7 @@
 This section describes the steps needed to get \PDFTEX\ running on
 a system where \PDFTEX\ is not yet installed. Nowadays virtually all
 \TEX\ distributions have \PDFTEX\ as a component, such as \TEXLIVE,
-\MIKTEX, \TETEX, \XEMTEX, \PROTEXT, and \MACTEX. The ready to run
+\MIKTEX, \PROTEXT, and \MACTEX. The ready to run
 \TEXLIVE\ distribution comes with \PDFTEX\ versions for many \UNIX,
 \WIN, and \MACOSX\ systems; more information can be found at
 \hbox{\from[texlive].}  There are also \WIN-specific distributions which
@@ -845,7 +848,7 @@
 coming with a distribution is not the current one and you would like to
 try out a fresh \PDFTEX\ immediately, you will need to build \PDFTEX\
 from sources; read on. You should already have a working \TEX\ system,
-\eg\ \TEXLIVE\ or \TETEX, into which the freshly compiled \PDFTEX\ will
+\eg\ \TEXLIVE, into which the freshly compiled \PDFTEX\ will
 be integrated. Note that the installation description in this manual
 is \WEBC||specific.
@@ -879,7 +882,7 @@
 The obsolescent binary \filename{pdfetex} is still generated for backward
-compatibility, but since version 1.40 it is just a file copy
+compatibility, but since version 1.40 it is just a symbolic link to or copy
 of the file \filename{pdftex}.
 As well as the main \filename{pdftex} binary, binaries for the utilities
@@ -912,8 +915,8 @@
 configuration file called \filename {texmf.cnf}.  The location
 of this file is the appropriate position within the \TDS\ tree
 relative to the place of the \PDFTEX\ binary; on a \TEXLIVE\ system,
-\filename{texmf.cnf} is typically located either in directory
-\filename{texmf/web2c} or \filename{texmf-local/web2c}.  The path to
+\filename{texmf.cnf} is typically located either in the directory
+\filename{texmf-dist/web2c}.  The path to
 file \filename{texmf.cnf} can also be set up by the environment variable
@@ -2855,7 +2858,7 @@
 \type{\pdfmapfile} or \type{\pdfmapline} primitives, as the main \TEX\
 distributions provide nice helper tools that automatically assemble
 the default font map file. Prominent tool examples are the scripts
-\type{updmap} and \type{updmap-sys} coming with \TEXLIVE\ and \TETEX.
+\type{updmap} and \type{updmap-sys} coming with \TEXLIVE.
 If your map file isn't in the current directory (or a standard system
 directory), you will need to set the \type{TEXFONTMAPS} variable (in
 \WEBC) or give an explicit path so that it will be found.
@@ -3469,7 +3472,7 @@
 Now we can use \type{\wd0} and \type{\ht0} to question the natural size of
 the image as determined by \PDFTEX. When dimensions are specified before the
 \type{{somefile.png}}, the graphic is scaled to fit these. Note that, unlike
-the \eg\ \type{\input} primitive, the filename is supplied between
+\eg\ the original \type{\input} primitive, the filename is supplied between
 The image type is specified by the extension of the given file name:
@@ -3869,7 +3872,7 @@
 The \Something{action spec} specifies the action that should be performed
 when the hyperlink is activated while the \Something{user-action spec}
 performs a user||defined action. A typical use of the latter is to specify
-a \URL, like \typ {/S /URI /URI (http://www.tug.org/)}, or a named action like
+a \URL, like \typ {/S /URI /URI (https://tug.org/)}, or a named action like
 \typ {/S /Named /N /NextPage}.
 A \Something{goto-action spec} performs a GoTo action. Here \Something
@@ -4264,6 +4267,31 @@
 example, the first ten bytes of the source of this manual are {\tt
 \pdffiledump length 10 {./pdftex-t.tex}}. \introduced{1.30.0}
+\pdftexprimitive{\Syntax{\Tex{\input} \Something{general text}
+  \Whatever{expandable}}}
+As of \TEXLIVE\ 2020, the \type{\input} primitive in all \TEX\ engines,
+including \PDFTEX, now also accepts a group-delimited filename argument,
+as a system-dependent extension, as in \type{\input\Lbrace
+foo.tex\Rbrace}. The usage with a standard space/token-delimited
+filename is completely unchanged.
+This group-delimited argument was previously implemented in Lua\TEX; now
+it is available in all engines. \ASCII\ double quote characters
+(\type{"}) are removed from the filename, but it is otherwise left
+unchanged after tokenization.
+This extension is unlike most others in that it affects a primitive in
+standard \TEX\ (\type{\input}), rather than being related to a new
+primitive, command line option, etc. This is allowed because additional
+methods of recognizing filenames are explicitly mentioned in
+\type{tex.web} as acceptable system-dependent extensions.
+Incidentally, this does not currently
+affect \LATEX's \type{\input} command, as that is a macro redefinition
+of the standard \type{\input} primitive. \introduced{1.40.21}
 \subsection{Color stack}
@@ -4648,7 +4676,7 @@
 Beware: Character translation interferes with the \ENCTEX\ primitives; to
 avoid surprises, don't use \ENCTEX\ and \TCX\ mapping at the same time.
-Further details about \TCX\ file loading can be found in the \TETEX\
+Further details about \TCX\ file loading can be found in the \WEBC\
@@ -5195,7 +5223,7 @@
 of the GNU Free Documentation License from time to time.  Such new
 versions will be similar in spirit to the present version, but may
 differ in detail to address new problems or concerns.  See
 Each version of the License is given a distinguishing version number.
 If the Document specifies that a particular numbered version of this

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@@ -1,4 +1,8 @@
 % $Id$
+% run with -ini:
+  \catcode`{=1 \catcode`}=2
+  \def\TeX{T\kern-.1667em\lower.5ex\hbox{E}\kern-.125emX}
+  \hsize=6.5in \vsize=9in
@@ -6,4 +10,4 @@
 Welcome to pdf\TeX!

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