pdftex[819] branches/stable/doc/manual: improve \pdfmdfivsum and

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Wed Dec 25 20:23:18 CET 2019

Revision: 819
Author:   karl
Date:     2019-12-25 20:23:17 +0100 (Wed, 25 Dec 2019)
Log Message:
improve \pdfmdfivsum and \pdffiledump descriptions

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Modified: branches/stable/doc/manual/ChangeLog
--- branches/stable/doc/manual/ChangeLog	2019-12-12 19:13:30 UTC (rev 818)
+++ branches/stable/doc/manual/ChangeLog	2019-12-25 19:23:17 UTC (rev 819)
@@ -1,3 +1,17 @@
+2019-12-25  Karl Berry  <karl at freefriends.org>
+	* pdftex-t.tex (\pdfmdfivesum): explain the non-file (string) form too.
+	(\pdffiledump): explain that length defaults to zero.
+	Report from Bruno Le Floch,
+	https://tug.org/pipermail/pdftex/2015-July/008948.html.
+	Also:
+	(\MDFIVE): avoid oldstyle numbers.
+	(\Syntax): don't swallow spaces after final \kern.
+	(\Whatever): \kern.75em before, for more separation.
+	(\Somethingtext): new \Something that keeps surrounding spaces in
+	input, to be used in text (vs. syntax lines).
 2019-11-25  Karl Berry  <karl at freefriends.org>
 	* pdftex-t.tex: document \pdfmajorversion. Besides the new

Modified: branches/stable/doc/manual/pdftex-t.tex
--- branches/stable/doc/manual/pdftex-t.tex	2019-12-12 19:13:30 UTC (rev 818)
+++ branches/stable/doc/manual/pdftex-t.tex	2019-12-25 19:23:17 UTC (rev 819)
@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@
+\def\MDFIVE{MD5} % not oldstyle 5, capital MD
 \def\PDFReference{{\sl PDF Reference}} % PDF with capital letters
 \abbreviation [AFM]        {afm}        {Adobe Font Metrics}
@@ -74,7 +75,6 @@
 \abbreviation [MAC]        {Macintosh}  {Macintosh hardware platform}
 \abbreviation [MACOSX]     {Mac\,OS\,X} {Macintosh operating system version 10}
 \abbreviation [MACTEX]     {Mac\TeX}   {\MAC\ \WEBC\ distribution}
-\abbreviation [MDFIVE]     {md5}        {MD5 message-digest algorithm}
 \abbreviation [METAFONT]   {\MetaFont}  {graphic programming environment, bitmap output}
 \abbreviation [METAPOST]   {\MetaPost}  {graphic programming environment, vector output}
 \abbreviation [MIKTEX]     {MiK\TeX}    {\WIN\ distribution}
@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@
-\def\Syntax   #1{\strut\kern-.25em{#1}\kern-.25em}
+\def\Syntax   #1{\strut\kern-.25em{#1}\kern-.25em\relax}
 \def\Next       {\crlf\hbox to 2em{}\nobreak}
 \def\Sugar    #1{\unskip\unskip\unskip\kern.25em{#1}\kern.25em\ignorespaces}
@@ -164,11 +164,17 @@
 \def\Or         {\Sugar{\mathematics{\vert}}}
 \def\Rbrace     {\Sugar{\tttf\rightargument}}
 \def\Tex      #1{\Sugar{\type{#1}}}
-\def\Whatever #1{\Sugar{\mathematics{(\hbox{#1})}}}
+\def\Whatever #1{\Sugar{\kern.75em\mathematics{(\hbox{#1})}}} % parens
+                        % a full quad before, more of a separator on
+                        % syntax lines.
-% hyphenates
+% hyphenates, angle brackets
+% undoes the .25em spacing of \Sugar, letting before and after spaces in
+% the input stand.
 \hbadness=10000 % don't care
@@ -4231,25 +4237,32 @@
 \pdffilesize {./pdftex-t.tex}} for the source of this manual.
-\pdftexprimitive{\Syntax{\Tex{\pdfmdfivesum} file \Something{general text}
-  \Whatever{expandable}}}
+  \Optional{\Literal{file}}
+  \Something{general text} \Whatever{expandable}}}
 \bookmark{\tex{pdfmdfivesum\ file}}
-Expands to the \MDFIVE\ of file \Something{general text} in uppercase
-hexadecimal format (same as \type{\pdfescapehex}), \eg\ it's {\tt
-\pdfmdfivesum file {./pdftex-t.tex}} for the source of this manual.
+If the keyword \type{file} is given, expands to the \MDFIVE\ of file
+\Somethingtext{general text} in uppercase hexadecimal format (same as
+\type{\pdfescapehex}). Without \type{file}, expands to the \MDFIVE\ of
+the \Somethingtext{generaltext} taken as a string. For example, it's
+{\tt \pdfmdfivesum file {./pdftex-t.tex}} for the source of this manual.
-\pdftexprimitive{\Syntax{\Tex{\pdffiledump} \Optional{\Literal{offset}
-  \Something{number}} \Optional{\Literal{length}
-  \Something{number}} \Something{general text} \Whatever{expandable}}}
+  \Optional{\Literal{offset} \Something{integer}}
+  \Optional{\Literal{length} \Something{integer}}
+  \Something{general text} \Whatever{expandable}}}
-Expands to the dump of the file \Something{general text} in uppercase
-hexadecimal format (same as \type{\pdfescapehex}), starting at offset
-\Something{number} or 0 with length \Something{number}, if given. The first ten
-bytes of the source of this manual are {\tt \pdffiledump length 10
-{./pdftex-t.tex}}. \introduced{1.30.0}
+Expands to the dump of the first \type{length} \Somethingtext{integer}
+bytes of the file \Somethingtext{general text}, in uppercase hexadecimal
+format (same as \type{\pdfescapehex}), starting at offset
+\type{offset}~\Somethingtext{number}, or the beginning of the file if
+\type{offset}. If \type{length} is not given, the default is zero, so
+expands to nothing. Both \Somethingtext{integer}s must be $\ge0$. For
+example, the first ten bytes of the source of this manual are {\tt
+\pdffiledump length 10 {./pdftex-t.tex}}. \introduced{1.30.0}

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