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Date:     2017-12-15 01:54:04 +0100 (Fri, 15 Dec 2017)
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describe time zone specifications

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+2017-12-14  Karl Berry  <karl at freefriends.org>
+	* pdftex-t.tex (\pdfinfo): describe [+-]HH'mm' time zone
+	specification as well as Z.
 2017-11-28  Karl Berry  <karl at freefriends.org>
 	* pdftex-t.tex (\pdfprimitive): clarify further.

Modified: branches/stable/doc/manual/pdftex-t.tex
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@@ -2300,8 +2300,13 @@
 \type{D:YYYYMMDDhhmmssTZ}, where \type{YYYY} is the year, \type{MM} is
 the month, \type{DD} is the day, hh is the hour, \type{mm} is the
 minutes, \type{ss} is the seconds, and \type{TZ} is an optional string
-denoting the time zone.  For example, this is the Unix epoch, the
-beginning of 1970-01-01 UTC, in this format: \type{19700101000000Z}
+denoting the time zone, \type{Z} for universal time.  For example, this
+is the Unix epoch, the beginning of 1970-01-01 UTC, in this format:
+\type{19700101000000Z}. If the time zone is not UTC, it is given as
+\type{+HH'mm'} or \type{-HH'mm'}, indicating an offset of the given
+hours and minutes from UTC, with the given either later (\type{+}) or
+earlier (\type{-}) than UTC. (This syntax is specified by the PDF
 Multiple appearances of \type{\pdfinfo} are concatenated. Usually if a
 key is given more than once, the first appearance will be used, but this

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