[OzTeX] Problem with picture rotations

Uli Wienands uli at slac.stanford.edu
Sun Oct 31 13:57:02 CET 2010

I am editing a joint report by several authors. I am being given the  
LaTeX sources by the authors together with ps or eps figures (which  
is what I asked for). I am having issues with ps figures:

We are using the graphicx package and including the figs with  

In a certain set of figures, the original author has used the  
optional angle=... construct to rotate the figures into the correct  
orientation. When I typeset this piece, the OzTeX previewer gets all  
confused and the figures come out unrotated and exceeding the  
boundaries of their slot or even the whole page. When printing to a  
ps file, however, all is well. Interestingly enough, when I preview  
the original files with Preview or Graphicconverter, they actually  
have the correct orientation; however, when I turn off the angle in  
the \includegraphics command the figures are rotated by 90 degrees  
(but in that case OzTeX's Previewer behaves otherwise correctly).  
When looking into the PostScript source of some of the figs I see  
something like "%Orientation=Landscape" near the top.

Anything I can do without messing with the figures themselves?

This is OxTeX 5.2 on OS X 10.4.11, PPC.


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