[OzTeX] Printing from OzTeX 5.2 (Rowland McDonnell)

Rowland McDonnell rowland.mcdonnell at btinternet.com
Tue Oct 6 13:00:44 CEST 2009

>I have the same version of OSX and OxTex as Rowland.
>I do have a different printer, which is also PostScript (Brother), but  
>have no problems.

Hmm.  Righto.

>I suspect the HP printer-driver - HP are not good on keeping up with  
>Mac s/w.

It's a PostScript printer.  The printer driver is part of the OS.  All
HP needs to do is supply a PPD file to tell the host PC how to deal with
the special features of the printer - and you can use the printer
without that PPD file.

So I don't think it's that.

Being aware of HP's faults in that line (having found out the hard way
through owing an HP inkjet that lost the ability to print two-sided due
to an OS upgrade), I decided I'd never again buy a non-PS printer from

Thanks for the idea,

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