[OzTeX] printing in OzTeX 5.2

Uli Wienands uli at slac.stanford.edu
Wed Oct 1 23:12:26 CEST 2008

Thanks Andrew and Don Johnson. Don included the file & this message  
by Andrew told me where to put it. It works.

Funny thing is that I do not have TeX/Type1/Apple (only some others I  
forgot) & it isn't in ps_folders either. I got this error on my work  
machine, where I think I am running a downloaded installation. The CD  
is at home & I know I can print form my private laptop it is  
installed on, so I guess the CD installation has it.

Thanks again,


On Sep 30, 2008, at 4:25 PM, Andrew Trevorrow wrote:

>> Trying to print I am getting an error " Couldn't find header file
>> Geneva.pfa".
> According to my records you have the OzTeX CD.  In TeX/Type1/Apple
> you should find Geneva.pfa and a couple of other .pfa files.
> If that folder is in your ps_folders search list then dvips should
> find it, so I'm guessing you made a change to ps_folders.
> Make sure it contains TeX/Type1/* as one of the entries.
> Andrew
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