[OzTeX] does OzTeX work on Leopard? (Update)

Andrew Trevorrow andrew at trevorrow.com
Mon Feb 18 23:52:41 CET 2008

John Rawnsley wrote:

> After using OzTeX for some time on Leopard and some discussions with
> Fred Mayer about printing I should give an update on what is still
> working for me and what is not. This does not seem to depend on whether
> the original 10.5 is running or the most recent 10.5.2.
> 1. Printing: Printing to postscript printers is fine. I have access to
> a couple of old Apple LaserWriters 4/600 PS and a Xerox Phaser 7300N
> and OzTeX prints fine to them. Fred pointed out he was having problems
> printing to a non-postscript Epson EPL-5700i, and I have verified the
> same error with my HP Laserjet 2300 which also does not have postscript.
> The printer driver returns a PMSessionPostScriptBegin error: -30879 and
> OzTeX does not spool the document for printing.

That error code means "the print session is invalid" but I've no idea
why that would be the case (probably a bug in Leopard).
PMSessionPostScriptBegin is only called if OzTeX's "Use Standard PostScript"
option is ticked so try unticking it and see what happens.

> 2. Launching applications: Launching other applications such as  
> Excalibur
> from the Tools menu gives an error message "Could not find PkgInfo
> file for the bundle: AppleVNCServer.bundle". This is benign and clicking
> OK should successfully launch the application.

Hmm, looking at my code it seems that Leopard is getting the wrong
file name for the application bundle, probably due to a bug in Apple's
GetProcessBundleLocation call.

> 3. Syncing DVI preview to TeX source: This is broken with BBEdit at  
> least,
> and all that happens is BBEdit goes to the end of the source document
> regardless of where I ctrl-click in the preview window.

That's a pity.  The only way the above problems will be fixed is if they
are indeed Leopard-specific bugs and Apple eventually fix them.

Thanks for the report John -- it will help me if/when other users report
similar problems.


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