[OzTeX] mathtimepro font differences

Ken Pierce kpierce at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 16 22:54:33 CEST 2007


I've purchased both the MathtimePro and the MathtimePro2 fonts, and used 
Andrew's ps-to-ttf.pe script to make .ttf fonts, which are in 
~/Library/Fonts.  Both sets of fonts work with OzTeX, using config files 
that point to the ttf fonts with "nil" encoding.

The problem/question: The fonts mnmit (MathtimePro) and mt2mit 
(MathtimePro2) print with the same characters in positions 0-39 (slanted 
greek letters -- subset of caps, then lowercase).  But OzTeX displays 
these two fonts very differently.  With mnmit, displayed characters 
(that is, all but gamma and a couple of other characters) appear in the 
same positions as printed characters.  With mt2mit, characters display 
in different positions, or not at all.  (I've used Andrew's fonttest.tex 
file to show character tables.)

I've created a .enc file for the mt2mit font, which fixes some of the 
display problems, but there are still lots of characters that don't 
display at all.  I'd welcome an explanation for the disparity between 
these two fonts, which look as if they should behave in the same way.



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