[OzTeX] open source OzTeX?

Andrew Trevorrow andrew at trevorrow.com
Tue Jul 11 03:39:01 CEST 2006

Given that I'm unlikely to do any more work on OzTeX, I'm toying with
the idea of making all the OzTeX source code publicly available in case
anybody wants to do something with it.  There would be no condition on
its use -- if anybody is silly enough to try and use the code to create
a new commercial app then good luck to them!

Before people get too excited, I should point out a few nasty facts:

- A lot of the code is quite old and rather ugly. It makes very little
use of Apple's modern APIs.

- Most of the code is in Modula-2 and only compiles under MPW using
p1's Modula-2 compiler, a commercial and somewhat expensive product.
Switching to a free Modula-2 system would probably involve a lot of
work.  The last time I looked (admittedly many years ago) there weren't
a lot of good-quality free Modula-2 compilers for the Mac.  Probably
better to find or write a translator to convert all the M2 code to C.
Again, a non-trivial task.

- Don't expect any help from me in any of the above tasks. :)

To be brutally honest, I reckon it would be a waste of time to try and
develop OzTeX any further.  Far better to spend all that effort on
switching to TeXShop and teTeX.

Anyway, if anybody is interested, let me know and I'll put the sources
up on my ftp site.


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