[OzTeX] OzTeX to OzTtH?

Neil Gunther njgunther at perfdynamics.com
Wed Jan 18 02:46:22 CET 2006

The LaTeX combination:
   \includegraphics[bb = 0 0 400 510, scale = 1.0]{foo.gif}

used to emit:
   <img src="foo.gif" alt="foo.gif"> ...

which displays the image in the browser, as expected.

But  OzTeX 5.3b2 and OzTtH 5.2 on MacOS X 10.4.4 now emits:
   <a href="foo.gif">Figure</a> ...

which displays a link called "Figure" in the browser, rather than the image.

Any ideas why this has changed?

-- njg


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