[OzTeX] Problem when compiling w/ver. OzTeX 5.2

Andrew Trevorrow andrew at trevorrow.com
Wed Nov 23 11:23:26 CET 2005

> ! I can't write on file
> `Avery:Avery_Arthur_Cleveland.tex.aux'.
> \@include ...te \openout \@partaux #1.aux 
>                                           \immediate
> \write \@partaux...
> l.30 ...{Avery:Avery_Arthur_Cleveland.tex}
> Please type another output file name: 
> No file Avery:Avery_Arthur_Cleveland.tex.tex.
> [2]
> ! I can't write on file `Sources:Sources.tex.aux'.

I'm at a loss to explain why TeX is trying to create .tex.aux files
rather than simply .aux.

This is just a guess, but perhaps you don't have write permission
in the directories where TeX is trying to create those files.

And the paths you've used assume you have disks called Avery
and Sources.  Perhaps they should be ":Avery:..." and ":Sources:...".


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