[OzTeX] Problem with DVIPS and the production of HyperPostscript output

Andrew Trevorrow andrew at trevorrow.com
Tue Feb 15 03:45:30 CET 2005

I blathered:

> It looks like the -z option doesn't work correctly if dvips has partitioned
> the .ps output into a number of sections (the appearance of DVIPSSectionPage
> indicates this is the case).  The output will be in sections if you used
> the -S option, or if dvips thinks the output is too complicated and will
> exceed your printer's available memory.  The latter is of course pointless
> if you are converting the .ps to .pdf so I've decided to rebuild dvips with
> a much larger constant that should avoid your output being sectioned.
> It should also avoid dvips error messages like "Page n may be too complex
> to print" that can occur if you include large/complicated eps files.
> Please download this new OzTeX 5.3b1 app and try it out:
> ftp://ftp.trevorrow.com/beta/oztex53b1.sit

This did NOT solve David's problem.  I forgot that the dvips "constant"
I changed is altered by the "m 1000000" line in TeX/DVIPS/Inputs/config.ps.
If you ever see dvips report "warning: no %%Page comments generated" then
your output has been broken into sections and -z won't work (it will
only create the last section).  The solution is to edit the config.ps file
in TeX/DVIPS/Inputs/ and change "m 1000000" to "m 3500000".  It's safe to
change that supplied file because I will do so in the next release.

The new 5.3b1 app is not totally useless -- I bumped up another (true)
constant which should avoid the rare dvips error "! out of string space".
This can occur if your document uses *lots* of virtual/PostScript fonts.


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