[OzTeX] file `pdftex.def' not loaded

Ken Pierce kpierce at MIT.EDU
Thu Dec 23 18:16:42 CET 2004


I tried adding these lines to my file, as suggested in the OzTeX faq:

  % we are running LaTeX, not pdflatex
  % we are running pdflatex, so convert .eps files to .pdf

At first, I got an error message saying epstopdf.sty wasn't found. 
So I put a link to it where OzTeX can find it.  But now I get the 
error message

     Package epstopdf Warning: Graphics driver file `pdftex.def' not loaded.

even though OzTeX inputs include


So I tried copying pdftex.def to the same directory as the .tex file 
-- error message is the same.

Advice welcome, with thanks!


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