[metapost] Metapost btex etex problem

"Rothfuß, Ralf" Ralf.Rothfuss at hs-esslingen.de
Thu Aug 1 00:45:05 CEST 2013

Dear Akira,

I had a look at my environment variables and found that in the User PATH Variable there was an entry with an old (TeXLive 2012) bin\win32 directory. After eliminating this entry, I could compile mpsimple.mp.Thus,  I obtain a file mpsimple.1! Finally!

If I open this file in psv.exe I cannot see the letter A (I see only the horizontal line). There is a message " Error: undefined in cmmi12" at the lower right corner of psv. But I assume this can be easier solved than the first issue. How can I make the font visible in psv?

If I include the mpsimple.1 into a file mpsimple.tex
  \DeclareGraphicsRule{.1}{mps}{*}{}% In order to include
And do a pdflatex mpsimple.tex it works (and I can see the letter as well)!!!

Thanks again for your help in solving this problem.

Best regards

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Dear Ralf,

> I tried but unfortunately without success:

kpsewhich --var-value=MPXCOMMAND

It should print nothing.
If it shows something, remove the definition of MPXCOMMAND in your texmf.cnf's and environment variables.



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