[metapost] a problem of label when using metapost

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Wed Nov 16 11:22:10 CET 2011


Dear Liu, 

Shouldn't you be using


rather than 

documentstyle ?

Good luck. 


On Wed, 16 Nov 2011 08:51:36 +0100, Paul Menzel

> Dear Liu,
> Am Dienstag, den 15.11.2011, 10:54 +0800
schrieb source liu:
>> It works almost right, except for the case i
want to insert label. I'm sure the problem lies in it, for i comment the
label line, it layout the exact figure i want to get( without text of
course). 1. TeX when it comes to the first line of
------------------------------------------- label.top(btex
*somethinghere* etex, z1) ------------------------------------------- it
would be fine, but the situation changes when a second similar label is
invoking as above. the error message is always be something like , >>
mpx file can't be create.
> with all such problem, please post a
minimal example.
>> 2. LaTeX it is said that one can changed the
defaut TeX system by placing %&latex at the beginning. yet, it is true,
except for it works not the same as i found through the internet, which
i found %&latex is after vebatimtex, such as
----------------------------------------- vebatimtex %&latex *something
else here* etex ----------------------------------------- is not work
for me, 'cause it not recognize the documentstyle command but
---------------------------------------- %&latex verbatimtex *something
else here* etex --------------------------------------- works, though
with error message "/somedir/.texmf/tex/latex/latex.fmt. is not an latex
mem file" still failed to generate label.
> If I were you I would use
ConTeXt with MetaFun [1][2] which takes care
> of that automatically.
The following example is taken from the ConTeXt
> Wiki [3] but I had to
adapt it.
> starttext
> % earth and sun
> z0 = (2in,0);
> draw fullcircle scaled
> label("sun", origin);
> draw fullcircle scaled 1.5cm shifted
> label("earth", z0);
> stopreusableMPgraphic
> stoptext
> And then run the following.
$ context mf.tex

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