[metapost] a problem of label when using metapost

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Wed Nov 16 02:23:59 CET 2011

Its really nice of you

> A minimal MetaPost file for me using LaTeX labels and embedding fonts (so that
> the resulting output is self-contained) might look like:

> === begin cut here ===
> prologues:=3;
> verbatimtex
> %&latex
> \documentclass{minimal}

which i used is *article* or *book* rather than
yours minimal,  and i do find reference on manuals or blogs
to support my choice.

> \begin{document}
> etex

almost the same, expect for my prologue goes here, after etex.

> beginfig(0);
> ...
> label(btex *somethinghere* etex,origin);
> ...
> endfig;
> end
> === end cut here ===

> This should work.  If it doesn't you might try manually making sure that MetaPost
> is being called to use LaTeX to typeset the labels by
> mpost -tex=latex foo.mp

i've tried it,  it halt when it first came to \documentclass, it seem
not to recognize the control

I'm really sorry i'm not so familiar in looking into the metapost error.

> --
> Troy Henderson
> --
> http://tug.org/metapost/

Liu An
Institution of modern physics, Shanghai, China

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