[metapost] Limited precision -- Megapost

Nicola nvitacolonna at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 15:07:08 CET 2011

In article <4D3A0DA2.8050903 at wxs.nl>, Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> wrote:

> On 21-1-2011 5:51, navarro at us.es wrote:
> > Hello all!
> >
> > I am having troubles with Metapost limited presicion. I can find in the web 
> > some references to
> > the fact that
> >
> > Version 2.000 of MetaPost will have a runtime configurable precision
> > and infinite numeric input range.
> >
> > there are also references to Megapost that seem to point in that direction
> >
> > I would be very grateful if someone could tell if (and how) one can these 
> > features already.
> No, it will be available sometime later this year. A first step was 
> rewriting large chunks of metapost (mem management and such). Once that 
> is stable the next step is the enlarging. Anouncements will happen as 
> usual on this list.

Will floating point replace fixed point arithmetic, or will MetaPost be 
extended with a new data type for arbitrary precision, with implicit 
conversions to/from the existing numeric data type?


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