[metapost] Setting the baseline point for graphic while using luamplib and lualatex

Jason Stein jason.t.stein at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 03:34:57 CET 2011

Hello everyone. This is my first post to this list, and I am new to
metapost and luamplib, so if the question is better posted elsewhere
please let me know.

I am creating a document that draws random right triangles to give
students practice with the trig functions. The figures are created
successfully, but I would like to move the anchor point for the
picture to the top of the bbox, instead of the bottom. If I was doing
this in the traditional manner, I would shift it using the graphics
package, but as this is lualatex and luamplib, the graphics package is
not involved. Any ideas how to accomplish this.

My files are attached. Thanks for any help you may be able to give.

Jason T. Stein, B. Sc. (1998), B. Ed. (2002)
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