[metapost] Problem with simulated gradient

Jesús Guillermo Andrade gandrade at usermail.com
Thu Mar 19 21:17:14 CET 2009

Many Thanks Troy. I have made the changes you kindly suggested and now  
I understand better the logic of it all. That being said, however, I  
can notice that the gradation does not reach the full black extreme  
color  to the right of the "eme" polygon (it shows as a mild greyish-- 
blue). Is there a reason for this? Perhaps its best to change the size  
of the square used for the coloring, or should it be better to reduce  
the amount of the shift?
The idea would be to begin with any given color in the leftmost part  
of the polygon and have it full black to the left.

Thanks again man.
  sq := (0,0)--(u,0)--(u,alt)--(0,alt)--cycle;
  for i=0 step s until 300:
    fill sq shifted (-6u+10i,0) OR THIS? withcmykcolor (i/100) 
  clip currentpicture to eme;

El 19/03/2009, a las 01:39 p.m., Troy Henderson escribió:

>>   sq := (0,0)--(u,0)--(u,alt)--(0,alt)--cycle;
> or even
> sq:=unitsquare xscaled u yscaled alt;
> Troy

Si perdiste una revista. Tus amigos también la perdieron, no la  
compraron o la tiraron. Cuarta Ley de Johnson.
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