[metapost] Problem with simulated gradient

Jesús Guillermo Andrade gandrade at usermail.com
Thu Mar 19 17:36:49 CET 2009

Dear Fellows: I´ve been working over this problem for a long time and  
so far I haven't got the desired results. I need to create a linear  
gradient (or at least simulate it) from left to right in a polygon. I  
don't want to use metafun and the problem is how to fake it in eps. I  
am in urgent need for a solution and I don´t have anyone to ask for  
help excepto for this list. Could anybody help me please?
This is code I have so far:

% A&M Logo
% Por Guillermo Andrade
% -------------------------------
% Preparacion
filenametemplate "%j-%3c.eps";
fontmapfile "pdftex_dl14.map";
input mp-tool;
input mp-spec ;

% Variables
color c[];
% Funciones

% Dibujos
   path eme; % this is the polygon I need filled with a simulated  
gradient from one color to another (horizontally).
   eme = (-2.4u,6.2u)--(-4.5u,6.2u)--(-5.9u,0u)--(-4.15u,5.28u)-- 
%%% Relleno
   s := .1;
   alt:= 6.2u;
   lateral:= -6u;
for i=0 step s until 200:
   fill eme shifted (-6u+i,0) withcmykcolor (i/100)[(1,0.60,.60,0), 

Thanks a lot for you help.!!!

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