[metapost] ! MetaPost capacity exceeded

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sat Feb 7 15:45:25 CET 2009

Steve MC Han wrote:
> <<Afterwards, you have to regenerate the format(s) via fmtutil.
> If you want your change to affect only metapost, add or change
> main_memory.mpost only. Otherwise, you will have to regerate the
> latex etc. formats as well.>>
> This part I am afraid to say that I don't understand one bit. If you 
> could enumerate a little bit in detail, I would appreciate greately.

I believe you simply have to run

   $ fmtutil --all

but perhaps

   $ fmtutil-sys --all

is a little better (this re-creates the system-wide formats, not
just adds new ones for the current user). I do not use texlive,
and therefore I am uncertain what the 'best' command is.

Best wishes,
policy is.

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