[metapost] straight lines vs. curves (SVG)

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 01:51:59 CEST 2009

Hello Taco,

I was playing with SVG output in metapost and came accross two
questions (both with low priority):

1.) Simple code
   fill unitsquare xscaled 120 yscaled 20;
   <path d="M0 20L120 20L120 0L0 0Z" style="fill:
rgb(0%,0%,0%);stroke: none;"></path>
    fill unitsquare xscaled 1200 yscaled 200;
  <path d="M0 200C399.9939 200,800.0061 200,1200 200C1200
133.33435,1200 66.66565,1200 0C800.0061 0,399.9939 0,0 0C0 66.66565,0
133.33435,0 200Z" style="fill: rgb(0%,0%,0%);stroke: none;"></path>

What am I missing? Is there some cure to it?

2.) Since lower bits are wrong anyway: is there a simple way to limit
the number of digits that are written to file and thus reduce file

Thank you,

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