[metapost] Embedding fonts in graphics

Jesús Guillermo Andrade jgandradev at mac.com
Tue Apr 14 21:19:55 CEST 2009

Dear fellows: I've been trying fruitlessly to embed fonts into a  
metapost graphic and I keep getting the same result: a courier like  
font in the final eps.
What is wrong with this?:

% Preparacion
filenametemplate "%j-%3c.eps";
fontmapfile "pdftex_dl14.map";
input mp-tool;
input mp-spec;


% Right part of heading for letters...
   path linea;
   linea = (9.15u,-1.4u)--(9.15u,1.3u);
   draw linea withpen pencircle scaled 2.1;
% Text
   defaultscale := 12pt/fontsize(defaultfont);
   margen := 95u;
   defaultfont := "fvsr8r";
   draw "Andrade & Moreno S.C." infont "ec-lmr10" shifted (0u,3.2u)  
scaled defaultscale;
   draw "A&M Despacho de Abogados" infont "fvsr8r" shifted (1u,2.2u)  
scaled defaultscale;
   pickup pencircle scaled 2bp;


Is possible that this could be a problem with the names of the font?  
Is there a way  to produce sample pdf with examples of all fonts  
installed in  my system?

Thanks a lot!

Si los hechos no se ajustan a la teoría, deben ser desechados. Ley de  
Jesús Guillermo Andrade (Abg.)
Gerente de Litigios y Corporativo. EDM. AC. API.
Andrade & Moreno S.C. (http://amlegal.wordpress.com/)

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