[metapost] MetaPost 1.002 announcement

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Nov 26 18:44:54 CET 2007

The MetaPost team is happy to announce a new release of MetaPost:

MetaPost 1.002

The sources and a win32 package can be downloaded immediately from


The source package should compile normally on all systems that are
capable of compiling a modern web2c-based TeX distribution.

The win32 package is intended for texlive or a similar web2c-based
installation, and has been tested only with TeXLive 2007. These
executables will *not* work for miktex, sorry.

Of course, we welcome any comments (either good or bad) that you may
have. Simply replying to this message is fine, but see the bottom of
the message for a more formal way to report bugs and feature requests.

What is new in version 1.002:

* Version 1.001 introduced a memory allocation error in mpto that could
   result in the program looping endlessly

What is new in version 1.001:

* The default cmyk 'black' color now uses only black, not all four
   ink colors (after a discussion on the mailing list).

* Some issues were reported with the new turningnumber algorithm,
   all known problems are now fixed.

* Gábor Braun discovered that mpost did not always download the font
   encodings into all the created output files.

* Akira Kakuto and Hartmut Henkel found some small issues in mpto
   regarding trailing and leading whitespace.

* A fix for the 'Helvetica' entries in trfonts.map was provided by
   Werner Lemberg, and Michail Vidiassov supplied two extra font
   entries for troff.map (Symbol and ZapfDingbats). Karl Berry
   provided the new file troff-updmap.map, to be used by the updmap
   tool in texlive.

* Mpost now supports web2c's --output-directory option.

* Any warnings about missing fonts and characters are now always
   written to the terminal as well as to the log.

* Now that makempx is a C program, it needed a different install line
   in build.sh. Also, Olaf Mersmann contributed a patch to recognize
   'gmake' in build.sh

* Luigi Scarso found some typing errors in the web source that prevented
   clean weaving of the source.

* Stephan Hennig fixed a number of problems in the manual (mpman.tex)
   and the introduction paper (mpintro.tex). He also wrote new sections
   on how to preview metapost graphics and on how to use metapost
   graphics inside  other documents. On top of that, the manual is now
   hypertext-aware, and fixes for a whole series of small problems have
   been applied.

Legal notice / license / bug reports
MetaPost is a system for producing graphics developed by John Hobby
at AT&T, based on Donald Knuth's Metafont.  The MetaPost home page
is http://tug.org/metapost.

MetaPost and related programs are in the public domain.

The MetaPost development project is currently hosted at Supelec,
https://foundry.supelec.fr/projects/metapost; please report bugs and
request enhancements through there if possible. Alternatively, you
can reach us through the <metapost at tug.org> mailing list as well.

Have fun!

Taco Hoekwater, for the MetaPost team, November 26, 2007

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