[metapost] variable parameter list

Dan Luecking luecking at uark.edu
Wed Feb 15 20:03:58 CET 2006

At 05:13 PM 2/14/2006, you wrote:
>Dan Luecking wrote:
> > The fact that its return value is never used
> > suggests that it needn't actually have a return value. A for-loop
> > doesn't care if the expressions are empty, it just skips to the
> > next. I didn't test this, however.
>without return value:
>numeric b ; color c ;
>def processKeyvals (text _kvps_)=
>   begingroup;
>     save _equals, _assign ;
>     let _equals= = ;
>     primarydef _ll_ _assign _rr_ =
>       hide(_ll_ _equals _rr_ )
>     enddef;

This works, however:
    primarydef _ll_ _assign _rr_ =
       begingroup _ll_ _equals _rr_ ; endgroup
So does this:
    primarydef _ll_ _assign _rr_ =
       hide (_ll_ _equals _rr_ )begingroup endgroup

In the working versions, an empty group is returned, which apparently
is accepted as permitting the loop to proceed.

The hide command creates the group, but discards it. I thought
this might be treated the same as an absent element
(e.g., "b=5,,c=red") which is accepted, but apparently MP has
entered a state where it expects a secondary expression to
result from "b _assign 5" when it encounters the following
comma without finding one.


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