[metapost] CMYK is beautifull

L. Nobre G. nobre at cii.fc.ul.pt
Sat Dec 16 19:54:19 CET 2006

Hi all,

FeatPost uses "color"s as positions in 3D-space,
now guess what can be done with both "cmykcolor"s and "filenametemplate"...

The latest MetaPost version runs the following code:
filenametemplate "%j%4c.eps";
  cmykcolor b, c, d;
  b = (1,1,1,1);
  c = (0,0,0,4000);
  if cmykcolor c:
    message "c is a cmykcolor";
  message "b=";
  show b;
  message "c=";
  show c;
  d = 0.5[c,b];
  message "d is the average of c and b";
  show d;
  message "the magenta part of d:";
  show magentapart d;
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is the answer that no one wants to hear. So we sit, and wait, and
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