[metapost] generic TeX interface?

Brian Elmegaard be at mek.dtu.dk
Tue Dec 12 15:08:13 CET 2006

Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> writes:

> these kind of things are completely unrelated to specific macro
> packages (in your case latex); 

I know context and it seems very nice and metafun is great, but I
never dared to do the switch. I believe I cannot seemlessly use my
latex code and packages in context. Am I wrong?

The number of latex users and available packages are probably much
higher than context's.

> actually, one can write macros that quite well integrate mp into tex
> (which we've been doing for ages in context); 

So the limitations I mentioned actually are non-existant?

> what would help is to have MP as a library (speed issue) and this is
> what will happen in luatex (pdftex 2+) next year

This is interesting! Will it integrate existing code, lua, metapost
and latex?

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