[metapost] Asymptote, version 0.53 released

h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Nov 27 21:32:17 CET 2004

John Bowman wrote:

> Asymptote, a modern replacement for MetaPost, has recently been released:
> http://asymptote.sourceforge.net/
> Contributions and feedback (to help make this the best possible technical
> graphics program) are encouraged.


i wanted to take a look at it, but since i use windows ...

you mention that you use c++, i wonder what makes in complex to generate windows 
binaries; you mention security and core robustness issues; can you explain what 
dangers are luring in compiling the code for windows? My experience (with tex 
and friends) is that windows binaries are as good as those for other platforms 
(and in some aspects even a it better -))

(my impression is that when asymptote requires a cygwin installation, then it 
has no real future for windows based tex users, which would be a pity, since 
there is a substantial number of potential users out there)

Does asymptote require special operating system features?

Concerning tex code: is asymptote bound to latex or can it be configured to work 
with any tex system?

Is there a way to plug in features (something like like metapost 'specials') 
[this is needed in order to smoothly integrate in a typesetting environment's 
font and color system].

I didn't print the documentation yet (not at the office); does asymptote accept 
existing mp code?


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