[metapost] How to insert MeTaPost into MS Word? Urgent.

Laurence Finston lfinsto1 at gwdg.de
Sat Nov 20 16:14:28 CET 2004

Hello Jan,

I think I may not have sent my original reply to your posting.  If I did,
please excuse the repetition, everybody.  

I don't know whether this will be helpful to you, but I've had good results
with converting EPS files to structured PostScript.  I include the EPS files
in TeX files (I don't use LaTeX) with \epsffile in nested boxes (an \hbox in a
\vbox), measure the outer box, set \vsize, \hsize, \voffset, and \hoffset
accordingly, run TeX, and convert the dvi file to structured PostScript in the
normal way.  I use ImageMagick's `convert' to convert it to PNG, which works
nicely.  Since PNG files are not scalable (at least, not in the way PS files
are), it's often useful to set \magnification to different values.

I've written a trivial Emacs-Lisp function to automate the process.  I'll be
happy to send it to you, and any other bits and pieces I may have forgotten
about, if you want them, but I won't have access to the machine they're on
until Monday.

Laurence Finston

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