[OS X TeX] TeXDist-2021 signature problem on MacOS 10.11 (!)

Bernhard Barkow via MacOSX-TeX macosx-tex at email.esm.psu.edu
Sat Jun 5 18:30:41 CEST 2021

Dear MacTeX maintainers,

while installing MacTeX 2021 on a Mac running (an admittedly slightly ancient) OSX 10.11 (El Capitan), I stumbled across a problem with TeXDist-2021.pkg: the installer reported 

"TeXDist-2021.pkg can’t be installed because its digital signature is invalid
The package may have been corrupted or tampered with. Get a new copy of the package and try again."

As far as I found out the issue is probably due to 10.11 requiring an SHA-1 signature, which is not generated by newer versions of XCode.
For myself I solved the issue by extracting the package contents on another Mac running 10.13 and then manually running the postinstall script on the 10.11 machine (which is certainly not the recommended way to go, I know, but it seems to have worked: so far there were no problems with TeXing…).
So, if this problem can be "fixed" easily from your side, it would be nice for backwards compatibility, I guess. Though I really don't know if a relevant user base is affected by this (maybe not, since I did not find any related reports). Anyway, I thought it might be worth mentioning, don't take that as criticism – on the contrary: Thanks a lot for all the work you put into that amazing project!


> There is an easy way for you to install BasicTeX on earlier systems. Here it is:
> 	a) Use the Unix Install Script
> 	b) Just before installation starts, you'll get a window where you can set certain items.
> 	We tell you to change paper size from A4 to Letter if you live in such a country. This
> 	page has a button named "Advanced" on the lower-left side to make further
> 	changes. Click this button. One of these changes is called "Scheme" under "Selections".
> 	Change it to "small scheme". The "small scheme" is just
> 	Basic TeX, so select it. Don't change any other items except scheme and paper size.
> 	In particular, don't change the install location
> 	c) After installing, run TeXDist-2021.


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