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> On 23 Apr 2020, at 13:36, David Craig <dac at panix.com> wrote:
> Ross-
> Thanks for the detailed input.  No argument that file management in iOS is a core issue.  iOS is conceptually organized around apps.   For most of us, certainly for me, our work is organized around files.  I haven’t yet seen a model that reconciles these two things properly.  (It does bring to mind what the world might be like now if OpenDoc had taken off…)
> Do I really NEED TeX on the iPad?  Dunno.   It certainly is DESIRABLE, though.  What I’m trying to find out right now is what the OPTIONS are.   For example, can I get away with bringing/carrying only my iPad to/around a conference for a few days, or do I need to bring another device as well?  The iPad is certainly the better device for taking meeting notes, interacting with multimedia content, etc..  Do I also have to have a laptop along in the bag to get useful work done?  Sure would be nice to only have one device in the bag at any given moment.
> I have a very mobile life.  You say that you "prefer to make in one place and view on whatever devices I have available.”  That’s not really an option for me.  I don’t want to be working on a laptop (or iPad) when I’m working at home, but I very much need to be working on the same documents when I’m traveling, at home, or in my office.  My life would be so much more complicated without that freedom.  I’ve worked out cloud-based systems that work well for this.  What I’m trying to figure out is if it is yet an option to incorporate an iPad into the fold.
> So, I get how YOU like to do it.    That’s not the question I’m asking.
> Thanks,
> David 


Have you tried
https://www.overleaf.com <https://www.overleaf.com/>

I used it a couple of times because some students found it an easy way into Latex, and because a journal used it in the editing phase of a paper. I know some colleagues use it for collaborating work.
I actually used only once from the iPad. Since it is online, everything is there for you, you do not need to install anything. I needed quite a few packages at the time, and they were already installed. You can also add your own ones.
At the time I had the feeling the the “compiler” part worked unexpectedly well. On the other side you add a layer of file management complexity, since I have not learned how you can sync Dropbox, (or even worse, my institution’s alternative), so at the time I had to upload the project. This stopped me from investigating further, but it seemed a promising option, and I thought I’d give it another try one day, since I’d like to be able to travel without the Mac book. At the time I had the basic, free account, maybe the professional one has more sync options.

Help that helps (a little…)
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