[SPAM] [OS X TeX] [SPAM] ANN: Présentation.app version 2.0 released

renaud blanch rndblnch at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 14:39:00 CEST 2020

I am happy to announce the release of Présentation.app 2.0.

Présentation.app is a presentation tool for pdf slides (e.g. produced using LaTeX and the popular beamer class) for Mac OS X.
You can download this release here: http://iihm.imag.fr/blanch/software/osx-presentation/releases/

Its most notable features are:

+ a presenter view displaying
  - the current and next slide
  - a timer
  - the notes associated to the current slide

+ hyperlinks do work
  - internal links (e.g. navigation links generated by beamer) work
  - links to local video files open the video on the presentation screen
  - links to other files are opened in a webview on the presentation screen

+ usable
  - from the command line (as it is a Python script)
  - from the Finder (as it accepts dropping a PDF file to launch the app)

This release does not introduce new features but fixes issues on Mac OS X 10.15.
It also changes the underlying technology used for video playback, making it ready for future evolutions.
And last, the development moved to a new host, since bitbucket is removing its mercurial support.
Dev is now happening here:

Changes since 1.0

  - moved project from bitbucket to heptapod
  - made the transition from deprecated QTMovie to AVFoundation for movie playback
  - fixed issues and crash on Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina)

  - added support for beamer's notes on second screen
  - added test for presence of pyobjc (since conda puts its python on the path)
  - enhanced performance of thumbnails scrolling
  - reopening a file goes directly to the last displayed page

  - added thumbnails navigation
  - added support to go forth/back with left/right mouse click
  - added support for audio media files and animated gif
  - added official support for direct manipulation of the pdf bbox
  - fixed "Open with > Présentation.app" service
  - fixed issues and crash on Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave)

  - reloading now keeps the current page
  - fixed crash on Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra)

  - added mirror cursor on presentation view
  - fixed 1.5 regression on shortcuts using cmd key

  - added native shortcut for fullscreen
  - fixed app name in menu bar
  - fixed non secure http page loading in webview (10.10+)

  - added support for switching screens
  - added support for setting notes font size
  - added navigation by page number input
  - added ability to reload current presentation
  - fixed handling of non-ascii names of dropped files
  - fixed F5 shortcut handling

  - added navigation per frame/section
  - added notification for available updates
  - fixed handling of animations produced using the animate package

  - changed keybindings to better accommodate presentation devices
  - added ability to draw on slides
  - added black screen

  - fixed timezone for time
  - fixed launch on pdf drop under 10.6
  - improved control of movie playback
  - added timer displayed on dock icon

More details at: http://iihm.imag.fr/blanch/software/osx-presentation/


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