[OS X TeX] TeXShop 4.43 ignorint .ist ?

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Mon Oct 21 03:21:29 CEST 2019

> On Oct 20, 2019, at 7:55 PM, Murray Eisenberg <murrayeisenberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Since updating to TeXShop 4.43, if I run pdflatexmk on a source, it seems to be ignoring the corresponding index style file (.ist).
> For example, the following source doindex.tex should separate all the “A” entries, all the “B” entries, and so on with hadings “A”, “B”, etc. — but when I process this with TeXShop’s pdflatexmk, those headings are NOT appearing.
> By contrast, if at a Terminal command line I run
> 	pdflatex doindex.tex
> 	makeindex -s doindex.ist doindex.idx
> 	pdflatex doindex.tex
> then I DO get the expected “A”, “B”, etc. headings.
> What could be wrong suddenly?
> \documentclass{memoir}
> \begin{filecontents}{doindex.ist}
> headings_flag 1
> heading_prefix "{\\textbf{"
> heading_suffix "}}\\nopagebreak\n"
> \end{filecontents}
> \makeindex
> \begin{document}
> Some text.\index{Apple}\index{Apricot}\index{Avocado}\index{Banana}
> \index{Bilberry}\index{Blackberry}\index{Blackcurrant}\index{Blueberry}
> \index{Currant}\index{Cherry}\index{Cherimoya}\index{Clementine}
> \index{Date}\index{Damson}\index{Dragonfruit}\index{Durian}
> \index{Eggplant}\index{Elderberry}\index{Feijoa}\index{Gooseberry}
> \index{Grape}\index{Grapefruit}\index{Guava}\index{Huckleberry}
> \index{Jackfruit}\index{Jambul}\index{Kiwi fruit}\index{Kumquat}
> \index{Legume}\index{Lemon}\index{Lime}\index{Lychee}\index{Mandarine}
> \index{Mango}\index{Melon}\index{Nectarine}\index{Orange}\index{Peach}
> \index{Pear}\index{Pitaya}\index{Physalis}\index{Plum}\index{Pineapple}
> \index{Pomegranate}\index{Purple Mangosteen}\index{Raisin}\index{Raspberry}
> \index{Rambutan}\index{Redcurrant}\index{Salal berry}\index{Satsuma}
> \index{Star fruit}\index{Strawberry}\index{Tangerine}\index{Tomato}
> \index{Ugli fruit}\index{Watermelon}\index{Ziziphus mauritiana}
> \printindex
> \end{document}


Are you sure you weren't using a platexmkrc file to tell latexmk how to call makeindex? I don't see how it's supposed to know that you are using that ist file.

E.g., I typeset your file (I called it test.tex) an noted that latexmk ran
Running 'makeindex  -o "test.ind" "test.idx"'

I then created a platexmkrc file that simply defined $makeindex as
$makeindex = "makeindex -s doindex.ist %O -o %D %S";

and got
Running 'makeindex -s doindex.ist  -o "test.ind" "test.idx"'

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Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
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