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Hello Zbigniew,

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This is a stupid question to which I can’t seem to find the answer.
I am using the amsart document style to produce notes for a class; I want to put in a footnote to the author’s name or the title stating that it is subject to copyright, etc.
When I make a footnote to the author field, it produces an error.  Any suggestions how to accomplish this?

Try using  \thanks{...}  as in   \author{ .. name .. \thanks{ .. info .. }} .

I use this style for two reasons: first, it is what is called when I use the “Latex template” on my Mac, and second, I like many of the built-in macros (for example, the proof environment, and \newtheorem) which come with it.  Are all these contained in ams math or another package independent of (but perhaps called by ) ams article?

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