[OS X TeX] type regular double-quote in TeXShop?

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Thu Jul 18 14:04:09 CEST 2019

Hey guys,

This conversation is exactly why I don't use *any* key bindings or shortcuts at all.
I want the keys that I press to give exactly the ASCII (or other) character that it says it is.

OK, a lot of what I do is programming in TeX/LaTeX, but a lot is also coding documents for teaching materials. Having a set of shortcuts for one situation, but not the other, is just a road to confusion. So I choose to avoid such a path.

Hopefully you'll find a strategy that suits what you need to do.



On 18/07/2019, at 18:43, "Luis Sequeira" <lfsequeira at gmail.com<mailto:lfsequeira at gmail.com>> wrote:

There are a few ways to handle this.

First, an explanation.

What is happening when you press the double quote "
is that TeXShop auto completion kicks in and types ``'' (around the selected text, if any).

That is what you normally want to happen, and I would not want to turn this off (although it can be done by editing the ~/Library/TeXShop/Keyboard/autocompletion.plist file).

But what if you want to at some point (perhaps within a verbatim environment where you including programming code, for example) actually want to type the double quote character into your LaTeX source?

One option is to type it somewhere else, like TextEdit, and copy it and paste it.
A nuisance.

Below is the solution I came up with for this exact purpose, and that I have been using successfully for some years now.

There is another useful feature of TeXShop: Key Bindings.
So I went into

Source->Key Bindings->Edit Key Bindings File...

and I added a new one. I used Option-" for input and a quote for output.

So now all I have to do to get a double quote is to press the same key I would have, except with the Option modifier.

The trick is to assign it to something that is easy to remember and that you would not use for a different purpose. Since I would have no use for the æ character that is normally typed with option-quote, that made it ideal.

Luís Sequeira

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