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> This is undoubtedly a stupid question, but bear with me.
> I am trying to format an enumerated list (using the enumerate environment, and we are at the top level?this is not inside another ?enumerate? environment). I want to have the numbering in arabic followed by a period, as in
> 1. First item
> 2. Second item
> etc, but I need to interrupt the list to insert commentary/instructions.  I know about both the enumitem package (using \end{enumerate}, then \begin{enumerate}[resume} and the mdwlist package, (using \suspend{enumerate} then \resume{enumerate}.  For some reason (is it because I am using the amsart document style?) the default labelling is in parentheses, contrary to what the Latex Companion says.
> I can change the format back to the one I want, using \usepackage{enumerate} and \begin{enumerate}[1.], but can?t interrupt the list?at least I don?t know how: if I don?t invoke either enumitem or mdwlist, I know I have to go through contortions to resume the numbering after the comment, which I don?t quite understand (the explanation on pp 129-131 is opaque to me).
> If I try to use enumitem and start with \begin{enumerate}[1.], even with \usepackage{enumerate},  it tells me 1. is undefined.
> If I use mdwlist alone with the same initial \begin{enumerate}[1.] I get an immediate missing item error.
> The best outcome I managed was to \usepackage{enumerate} together with \mdwlist;  with the initial \begin{enumerate}[1.] :
> if I don?t try to put [1.] after the \resume{enumerate} I get a good listing, but the first part of the list is labeled as desired (1. First) but the second part is
> indented, and labeled parenthetically ( (3) Third ).  I?ve attached the minimal example with this configuration.
> If I try to use [1.] after \resume{enumerate}, it finds a missing item in the second part of the list.
> Can someone give me a (hopefully straightforward) solution to the problem, so that I get
> 1. First item
> 2. Second item
> We pause for a break
> 3. Third item
> 4. Fourth item
> ?
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Hi.  If I understand you correctly, then what I use is the following style file:

% interitemtext.sty
% For inserting text between \item's in a list environment
% Suggested by Michel Bovani.
% <http://www.esm.psu.edu/mac-tex/MacOSX-TeX-Digests/2004/MacOSX-TeX_Digest_07-12-04.html> 
% Useage:
%    \item  This is an item.
%    \interitemtext{This is some text not part of an item.}
%    \item  This is another item.

{\itemindent 0mm\labelsep 0mm
\labelwidth 0mm\leftmargin 0mm
\item #1



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