[OS X TeX] TeXShop: platexmkrc for making glossaries (and indexes) with pdflatexmk engine?

Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 21:43:03 CEST 2016

> On27 Sep 2016 20:17:46 -0500 mHerbert Schulz <herbs at wideopenwest.com <mailto:herbs at wideopenwest.com>>wrote:
>> On Sep 27, 2016, at 7:30 PM, Murray Eisenberg <murrayeisenberg at gmail.com <mailto:murrayeisenberg at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> I?d like to be able to make glossaries (via the glossaries.sty package) when I run the pdflatexmk engine from within TeXShop.
>> AND still to make multiple indexes.
>> Here?s the current platexmkrc file (in the document?s source file folder):
>>  add_cus_dep('glo', 'gls', 0, 'makeglo2gls');
>> 	sub makeglo2gls {
>> 			system("makeindex -s basic.gst -t '$_[0]'.glg -o '$_[0]'.gls '$_[0]'.glo");
>> 	};
>>  $makeindex = "makeindex -s %R.ist %O -o %D %S?;
>> What changes are needed to that?
>> Note that I will likely be using different style files for the indexes, on the one hand, and the glossaries, on the other hand.
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> It depends...
> If you are only using the basic properties of the glossaries package take a look at ~/Library/TeXShop/bin/latexmkrcedit and you'll see an entry for acronyms using the glossaries package that looks like
> add_cus_dep('acn', 'acr', 0, 'makeacn2acr');
> 	sub makeacn2acr 
> 	{system("makeindex -s '$_[0]'.ist -t '$_[0]'.alg -o '$_[0]'.acr '$_[0]'.acn");
> 	}
> additional glossaries can be set up like that. If they need special .ist files you'll make separate `sub' files with the ist name set. Note: typesetting the document produces the .acn file and makeindex processes it to produce the .acr file which is then read in when typesetting again. Make sure you get the order right! If the `sub makeacn2acr' does the job you need then you need only duplicate the add_cus_dep line and substitute the extensions you are using leaving the sub call the same.
> If you intend to use some of that fancy things that the glossaries package can do (that may need processing by xindy, etc.) you may want to go to my download site, <https://herbs.github.io <https://herbs.github.io/>>, and download `TeXShop latexmk and advanced glossaries package use.zip>. It contains the files that need to be changed as well as instructions for making the change, etc.

When you say to “make separate ‘sub’ files with the list name set”, do you mean simply additional add_cus_dep… entries?

And is there any reason such items cannot go into platexmkrc (in the source document’s directory)?   (So that I don’t need to edit existing engines or add new engines)?

Murray Eisenberg			murrayeisenberg at gmail.com
503 King Farm Blvd #101	Home (240)-246-7240
Rockville, MD 20850-6667	Mobile (413)-427-5334

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