[OS X TeX] Spelling corrections

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Tue May 24 12:49:49 CEST 2016

> On May 23, 2016, at 12:39 AM, Nicolae Garleanu <garleanu at berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am experiencing a behavior that is probably intended, but I find irritating. I  believe I configured texshop to use cocoa spell, following instructions from the texshop site.
> The behavior is that the checker corrects my spelling even if I only pause in the middle of a word; I would much rather that it only do that after a space or punctuation mark. Is there a setting I can change? A different checker/setup?
> Thanks!
> Nicolae


I don’t see this behavior with CocoASpell running on El Capitan. For example, when I type

	this is a wierd

the word “wierd” is identified as misspelled only when I type the space following “d”.

In the TeXShop edit menu, there are three spelling items, one after another:

	Check Spelling
	Check Spelling While Typing
	Check Spelling Automatically

Is it possible that the final item is checked on your machine? If so,
uncheck the last item and see if that helps.

The “Check Spelling Automatically” item causes the editor to suggest word
completions and alternate spellings while typing, and sometimes to fix things
automatically. This is a feature Apple provides for all programs written in

I find the feature extremely annoying. I added the menu item
so users could easily turn it off (and not so they could easily turn it on)!

Dick Koch
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