[OS X TeX] TeXShop and Alpha

David Craig dac at panix.com
Sun Jan 31 07:04:28 CET 2016

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> How do you have TeXShop configured? E.g., how do you have the `On Startup' item on the Source Tab of TeXShop->Preferences set up

“Configure for External Editor” is checked; “Open Empty Document” is not.   However, since you asked, unchecking “Configure for External Editor” does not seem to make any difference to the behavior described

> as well as the `External Editor' setting in the Preview Tab?

“Automatic Preview Update” is unchecked.   (I have tried toggling this, but it also does not affect the behavior I describe.)

I should add, I can even close the preview and console windows for the first document that I had TeX’d, leaving the preview and console window open for document #2.   When I go back to Alpha, and send document #2 to TeXShop to TeX, TeXShop DOES open a preview window for document #2 (but not a console) first, but then #1’s pdf preview window appears over that for #2, #1’s console windows open up again, and TeXShop TeXs document #1, NOT document #2 (until I switch to #2’s preview window in TeXShop and ask it to.)

I can TeX document #2 again so long as I don’t leave TeXShop without #1 coming forward, but whether or not I close #1’s windows, if I go back to Alpha and send #2 again, #1 will be what TeXShop processes first when I send #2 to TeXShop.

And … if I open a THIRD document in Alpha, and send it to TeXShop to TeX, indeed the FIRST document sent to TeXShop has its windows open in TeXShop again after the preview window for #3, and it TeX’s #1 again, not #3.   If I quit TeXShop, but not Alpha, the cycle begins again with whatever is the first document sent to TeXShop to process.   So it seems more like something going on on the TeXShop side, rather than something wonky being sent by Alpha to TeXShop (even though I have cc’ed the aklpha-users list just in case someone there has some ideas.)   TeXShop just won’t let go of that first document until it is quit.

I do know TeXShop did not USED to do this.   I am not precisely sure when it began, but I had switched to having Alpha do the TeX processing itself with Skim as Previewer for some period of time.   I became impatient with Skim, though, and switched back to TeXShop … I’m pretty sure it’s been acting like this since I switched back (more than a year now, I think.)


> On Jan 29, 2016, at 4:04 PM, David Craig <dac at panix.com> wrote:
> I have been using Alpha as my preferred TeX editor for a long time now.   I have also been using TeXShop to compile and preview selfsame files.
> Some time back the following behavior began: I can send a file from Alpha to TeXShop, which then opens, compiles, and previews just fine.   However, if I close that file (and its corresponding Console and Preview in TeXShop), and send TeXShop ANOTHER file to process, it will compile and preview not only that file, BUT ALSO THE FIRST FILE processed by TeXShop.  To prevent TeXShop from doing this, I have to quit TeXShop and launch it again for every new file on which I work.
> I am not sure how or why this occurs, but it sure would be nice if there were a way to have TeXShop only process the file I actually asked it to.
> Thoughts?  Suggestions?
> Thanks,
> David

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