[OS X TeX] Problem with LaTeX - AUCTeX interaction

Stephen Anderson sra at yale.edu
Sat Jan 2 22:26:35 CET 2016

I’ve been trying to find a way to work on a bilingual (French & English) document in LaTeX, using emacs (Aquamacs) as an editor.  The specific problem is how, in a document with \usepackage[main=english,french]{babel}, I can get English style quotes in general (and inside {\selectlangauge{english}…}), but inside {\selectlanguage{french} … } I get French style quotes (guillemets). I don’t like the babel-style quotes \og and \fg{}, or the csquotes \enquote{…} styles: both of these punt the actual formatting of the quotation mark to LaTeX, and I want to see my quotation marks while I’m editing. With some help via the macosx-emacs list, I have things working to provide French style quotes, but the problem is that once babel is invoked, AUCTeX establishes a single language environment for the whole document, and doesn’t provide context-specific definitions of the language variable TeX-quote-language (which shows up everywhere as “french”).  Does anyone have a solution to getting context sensitive quotes in emacs when working on a multilingual LaTeX file?


Steve Anderson

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